Concepts and Terminology

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In the graphic below, a Matrix in Compass is shown. The matrix allows the user to decide which input is going to be sent to which specific output. The horizontal rows are the inputs; it is possible to read every input name at the beginning of each row. The columns are the outputs. In this case, the matrix has 8 inputs by 16 outputs. For every cross point, it is possible to write a level value for the input signal sent to a specific output. For example, input 3 is sent to output 3 with a reduction of -6 dB, while input 2 is sent to output 2 at 0 dB. Spacemap Go takes control of this matrix and every row represents a channel from Spacemap Go. For example, channel 4 in Spacemap Go is the 4th row in the matrix in Compass (highlighted in the graphic) and it is the same row that is shown in Spacemap Go on the Channel view at the top of the screen.

Matrix in Compass