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Nodes and Triset Overview

Speaker Node

Blue squares represent Speaker Nodes in a Spacemap. They are linked to the GALAXY outputs. The layout can represent the physical position of the speakers or it can be arranged in such a way to generate a special effect or a complex path that would be impossible to produce with the representation of the real speaker location. Each Speaker Node is only assigned to an output. However, multiple Speaker Nodes can share the same output. Outputs can be connected to loudspeakers, effects processors, or any other device. More information is available here.

Virtual Node

Virtual nodes are used to change the level relationship between Speaker and Silent Nodes. They  can be connected to Speakers Nodes to send the same signal to different outputs, In this instance, the Speaker Nodes can be included in a Triset or not.

Virtual Nodes simulate a physical output for panning purposes. Virtual Nodes are linked to Speaker Nodes and/or Silent Nodes. The links are indicated graphically by a translucent line, wider at the Virtual Node, narrower at the linked Speaker Node. When the Locator is moved to a Virtual Node, the input signal is equally distributed to the linked Speaker Nodes by default. Each linked Speaker Node has a Link Weight that is adjustable (0-100%).

More information is available here.

Silent Node

Silent Nodes are used in Spacemaps to generate a fade out by moving the Spacemap Panner rather than the channel fader. For example, if the sound source is positioned over a Silent Node which is part of a Triset, none of the speakers will receive that signal. They are represented by red crossed squares. A Silent Nodes are not associated with outputs. More information is available here.

Derived Node

Derived Nodes are assigned to any output. When Speaker Nodes are linked to a Derived Node, the signals from the associated Speaker Nodes are also sent to the Derived Node. Derived Nodes are used to enable many functions. More information is available here.

For example, providing signal to the bass-managed subwoofer of a 5.1 system. By connecting the five mid-high Speaker Nodes to a Derived Node and associating the Derived Node with the output connected to the subwoofer, when signal is panned to the mid-high loudspeakers, signal is also sent to the subwoofer.

Another example can be found in theaters.  Derived Nodes, associated with designer chosen Speaker Nodes, can feed under-balcony fills.


Trisets are required in every Spacemap. They are triangular panning surfaces defined by three Nodes, represented by grey lines. The entire Spacemap area is usually covered by Trisets. If an area of a Spacemap does not include a Triset, when the Spacemap Panner is moved to the area, the input signal will be muted. Trisets can be added to a Spacemap automatically or manually. More information is available here.