1000baseT (1Gb/sec) Network Connection Needed

For Spacemap Go systems that have more than one Galileo GALAXY, AVB signal connections are necessary to share the inputs across both processors and an AVB certified network switch is needed. When using three or more processors, the network connection speed needs to be 1000baseT (1Gb/sec), enough bandwidth to transmit multiple AVB streams, up to 28 96k/32-bit streams. When using two processors, 100bT provides enough bandwidth for AVB streams sharing inputs between the processors.

If the network cable is damaged, the link may be non-operational or the speed may drop to 100baseT, without notification in the software.

When some laptop computers are in sleep mode, the network connection speed is reduced to 100baseT.

If the network connection speed drops to 100baseT, there is only enough bandwidth for one, 96k/32-bit AVB stream.