My GALAXY processor was rebooted, the signal processing set at tuning is not there anymore.

Both Compass and Spacemap Go store these parameters. When a GALAXY processor reboots in Spacemap Mode, the processor will not recall Compass Snapshot (Boot Snapshot), but will instead load the Spacemap Project and recall the Default System Snapshot, see Configure GALAXY Processor and Quick Start “In Use” sections.

Your data is not lost if you saved a GALAXY Snapshot during system tuning. To save the processor settings with the Spacemap Project:

  • launch Spacemap Go on an iPad and Compass on a computer
  • In Compass, recall the proper GALAXY Snapshot
  • In Spacemap Go, update the Default System Snapshot, and save a new Spacemap Project.
The app doesn’t recognize or list the connected system (GALAXY processors). How is this rectified?

If the GALAXY processors are in Spacemap Mode and the network connections are correctly made, restart/power cycle the iPad.

When testing a Spacemap there is no sound. What’s wrong?

Nothing is wrong. When testing a Spacemap in Create View, audio is not sent to the outputs intentionally. Observe the matrix values (top of view – swipe to view additional matrix outputs) to verify the Spacemap is performing the panning functions desired.

My GALAXY was rebooted and the Spacemap System is unconfigured. How is this prevented?

To save the configuration to the GALAXY memory, tap the Project Settings button  to open Project Settings. Tap SAVE PROJECT and select SAVE TO GALAXY. When saved and the LOAD PROJECT FROM GALAXY ON RESTART (Project Settings, System Configuration) is selected, the Project will be recalled upon power cycle.

A Spacemap does not pass audio, what’s wrong?

Most likely, Trisets need to be added. In Create View, Create New Spacemap, tap Triset icon , tap ADD to manually select three nodes or tap the Autobuild Trisets OPEN button (lower-left), then tap BUILD TRISETS to build Trisets automatically.

How can Spacemaps be shared?

To save or send a Spacemap:

  • tap CREATE
  • tap EDIT
  • select a Spacemap
  • tap SAVE AS SPACEMAP button
  • select send/save method