Recall Safe state not stored with Channel or Mix Snapshot

The state of Channel Recall Safe is not stored when saving Channel or Mix Snapshots. The Recall Safe state is not stored when a Project is saved.

Spacemap Go app won’t discover GALAXY processors, why?

If the iPad is running iOS 15 or later, it may be the Privacy Settings of the iPad. See System Requirements, iPad section on this page: (

A network scan reports more IPv4 addresses than expected.

The two GALAXY Ethernet NICs can each have up to three IPv4 addresses assigned to them.
The GALAXY <–> Compass communication will either have a static or a DHCP assigned IPv4 addresses which are viewed in Compass software (IPv4 address #1 for each GALAXY Ethernet NIC).

The Spacemap System doesn’t use IPv4 addresses by default, but if a user enters an IPv4 address for a Spacemap System in the SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTION tab:

• each GALAXY is assigned another IPv4 address for each Ethernet NIC (IPv4 address #2 for each GALAXY Ethernet NIC).

• the “Master” GALAXY* Ethernet NICs are also assigned the System IPv4 Address set in the app’s SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTION tab (IPv4 address #3 for each of the “Master” GALAXY* Ethernet NICs).

*The “Master” GALAXY controls the system level communication with Spacemap Go and coordinates the communication with other devices that are part of the Spacemap Go System.

Is the IPv4 address shown in Compass the IPv4 address of the GALAXY processor?

Yes, and: the IPv4 addresses listed in Compass software are used for GALAXY <–> Compass communication. This communication is usually via IPv6. GALAXY processors maintain IPv4 addresses as a fallback option in case a network does not support IPv6 addressing or to receive external commands from devices using IPv4 when a GALAXY is in Normal mode. If there is a DHCP server present on the network, the GALAXY will request an IPv4 address.

Spacemap Go uses IPv6 by default until there is a System IPv4 Address entered in the SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTION tab. An IPv4 address is added to the “Master” GALAXY* and each additional GALAXY processor.

The IPv4 addresses for GALAXY <–> Compass communication, and the IPv4 addresses for GALAXY <–> Spacemap Go communication reside on the same GALAXY Ethernet NIC at all times.

*The “Master” GALAXY controls the system level communication with Spacemap Go and coordinates the communication with other devices that are part of the Spacemap Go System.

What is the default IPv4 address of a Spacemap GO system?

By default, the Spacemap Go system uses IPv6 addresses for connection between GALAXY processors and iPads. IPv4 addresses can be enabled for networks that will not allow IPv6 traffic or for external control from devices that only use IPv4 address.

IPv6 addressing is used when a Spacemap Go system is initially configured. After configuration, an IPv4 address for a Spacemap System can be entered in the app’s SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTION tab, enabling IPv4 communication. By default, this field is empty, and the system will not request an IPv4 address from DHCP server.

For additional information, see FAQ: Is the IPv4 address shown in Compass the IPv4 address of the GALAXY processor?

Milan AVB Routing of Normal Mode GALAXY when in the same AVB Group as Spacemap Mode GALAXY

When a Galileo GALAXY is in Spacemap Mode, the AVB controller embedded in the GALAXY processor controls the AVB input assignments of all the GALAXY processors that have the same AVB Group Name on the same network. This includes any GALAXY processors operating in Normal mode. All AVB connections established when a GALAXY processor is in Normal mode will be overwritten when it is re-started in Spacemap Mode and the Spacemap Go System is configured with the Spacemap Go app.

To manually control the AVB input connections of a GALAXY processor using the Compass software or other AVB controller software, change the AVB Group Name of the GALAXY processor to one that does not include any GALAXY processors in Spacemap Mode.

1000baseT (1Gb/sec) Network Connection Needed

For Spacemap Go systems that have more than one GALAXY processor, Milan AVB signal connections are necessary to share the inputs across multiple processors, requiring an AVB Avnu certified network switch. When using three or more processors, the network connection speed needs to be 1000baseT (1Gb/sec), enough bandwidth to transmit multiple AVB streams, up to 28 96k/32-bit streams. When using two processors, 100bT speed provides enough bandwidth for the transport of shared inputs via Milan AVB between the processors.

If a network cable is damaged, the link may be non-operational or the speed may drop to 100baseT, without notification in the software.

When some laptop computers are in sleep mode, the network connection speed is reduced to 100baseT.

My GALAXY processor was rebooted, the signal processing set at tuning is not there anymore.

The output processing settings of a GALAXY processor can be stored from both Compass software and the Spacemap Go App. When a GALAXY processor reboots in Spacemap Mode, the processor will not recall a Snapshot identified as Boot, but will instead load the System Snapshot and User Default Mix Snapshot, see Configure GALAXY Processor and Quick Start “In Use” sections.

Your data is not lost if you saved a GALAXY Snapshot during system tuning. To save the processor settings with the Spacemap Project:

  • launch Spacemap Go on an iPad and Compass software on a computer.
  • In Compass, recall the proper GALAXY Snapshot.
  • In Spacemap Go, update the System Snapshot, and save a new Spacemap Project.
The app doesn’t recognize or list the connected system (GALAXY processors). How is this rectified?

If the GALAXY processors are in Spacemap Mode and the network connections are correctly made, restart/power cycle the iPad.

When testing a Spacemap in Create View there is no sound. What’s wrong?

Nothing is wrong. When testing a Spacemap in Create View, audio is not sent to the outputs intentionally. Observe the matrix values (top of view – swipe to view additional matrix outputs) to verify the Spacemap is performing the panning functions desired.

My GALAXY was rebooted and the Spacemap System is unconfigured. How is this prevented?

To save the configuration to the GALAXY memory, tap the Project Settings button  to open Project Settings. Tap SAVE PROJECT and select SAVE TO GALAXY. When saved and the LOAD PROJECT FROM GALAXY ON RESTART (Project Settings, System Configuration) is selected, the Project will be recalled upon power cycle.

A Spacemap does not pass audio, what’s wrong?

Most likely, Trisets need to be added. In Create View, Create New Spacemap, tap Triset icon , tap ADD to manually select three nodes or tap the Autobuild Trisets OPEN button (lower-left), then tap BUILD TRISETS to build Trisets automatically.

How can Spacemaps be shared?

To save or send a Spacemap:

  • tap CREATE
  • tap EDIT
  • select a Spacemap
  • tap SAVE AS SPACEMAP button
  • select share or save method