A network scan reports more IPv4 addresses than expected.

The two GALAXY Ethernet NICs can each have up to three IPv4 addresses assigned to them.
The GALAXY <–> Compass communication will either have a static or a DHCP assigned IPv4 addresses which are viewed in Compass software (IPv4 address #1 for each GALAXY Ethernet NIC).

The Spacemap System doesn’t use IPv4 addresses by default, but if a user enters an IPv4 address for a Spacemap System in the SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTION tab:

• each GALAXY is assigned another IPv4 address for each Ethernet NIC (IPv4 address #2 for each GALAXY Ethernet NIC).

• the “Master” GALAXY* Ethernet NICs are also assigned the System IPv4 Address set in the app’s SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTION tab (IPv4 address #3 for each of the “Master” GALAXY* Ethernet NICs).

*The “Master” GALAXY controls the system level communication with Spacemap Go and coordinates the communication with other devices that are part of the Spacemap Go System.