Is the IPv4 address shown in Compass the IPv4 address of the GALAXY processor?

Yes, and: the IPv4 addresses listed in Compass software are used for GALAXY <–> Compass communication. This communication is usually via IPv6. GALAXY processors maintain IPv4 addresses as a fallback option in case a network does not support IPv6 addressing or to receive external commands from devices using IPv4 when a GALAXY is in Normal mode. If there is a DHCP server present on the network, the GALAXY will request an IPv4 address.

Spacemap Go uses IPv6 by default until there is a System IPv4 Address entered in the SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTION tab. An IPv4 address is added to the “Master” GALAXY* and each additional GALAXY processor.

The IPv4 addresses for GALAXY <–> Compass communication, and the IPv4 addresses for GALAXY <–> Spacemap Go communication reside on the same GALAXY Ethernet NIC at all times.

*The “Master” GALAXY controls the system level communication with Spacemap Go and coordinates the communication with other devices that are part of the Spacemap Go System.