BLACKTRAX is a real-time location tracking system. By tracking the location of a performer or other moving object, BLACKTRAX can synchronize the movement with the Spacemap Locator X and Y coordinates of a Spacemap. The Z coordinate will control the crossfade between a lateral and overhead Spacemap on the same channel.

To establish the connection between Spacemap Go and BLACKTRAX, enable the toggle on Spacemap Go > SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTION > RTTrPM

When enabled, the RTTrPM parameters expand displaying additional parameters:

  • RTTrPM Dimensions
  • Spacemap Dimensions
  • Crossfade from Z


  • In BLACKTRAX, open the RTTrPM Output window. The port number must be 24002 and the Target Address should be the IP address listed in Spacemap Go > SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTION > SYSTEM IP CONFIGURATION.
  • The Coordinate system in BLACKTRAX must be Stage (WYSYWYG), selected in the BLACKTRAX Stream Parameters window.
  • The range in BLACKTRAX for the X, Y, and Z position should be between -10 (Min) and 10 (Max).


For personal assistance, please visit:, select Technical Support, and use the form to create a support case.