Spacemap Go Control Using OSCar

OSCar Plugin for Digital Audio Workstations

To automate the Spacemap Locator, Spread, and Spacemap Crossfade, the plugin OSCar from IRCAM is used with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). The Oscar plugin is available in the following formats: AU, VST3, AAX for macOS, and in VST3 for Windows. OSCar requires a 64-bit DAW application.

Universal Setup Instructions

NOTE: The Spacemap System must be operational before attempting the following steps.

Set IPv4 Addresses

Step 1: Set the following IPv4 addresses to the same class C range (i.e., 192.168.1.x, where x is between 1 and 255):

  • The computer running the DAW,
  • The OSCar External Device Connection window,
  • The iPad running Spacemap Go,
  • IPv4 address of OSCar External Device Connection in Spacemap Go (Spacemap Go > Settings View > External Device Connection > OSCar); this also sets the GALAXY processor IPv4 address.

Spacemap Go – Enable OSCar

Step 2: Enable OSCar within the SpaceMap Go App (Spacemap Go > Settings View > External Device Connection > OSCar).

Step 3: Add a Spacemap to the desired channel.

Spacemap Go – Settings View, External Device Connection, OSCar

Step 4: Download the OSCar plugin, here.

Step 5: After the OSCar plugin is downloaded, unzip the folder and find the user manual in the main directory (Windows) or in the Documents folder (MacOS). Follow the OSCar user manual installation instructions.

Step 6: Install the OSCar plugin.

Step 7: Navigate to /Ircam/oscar/oscar.xml:

  • macOS: /Users/username/Documents/Ircam/oscar/
  • Windows: C:\Users\username\Documents\Ircam\oscar\

Step 8: Delete the default oscar.xml file in the Ircam/oscar directory.

Step 9: Download the Spacemap version of the oscar.xml file here.

Step 10: Move the downloaded .zip file (oscar.zip) to the Ircam/oscar directory.

Step 11: Decompress the Spacemap oscar.zip file and delete the .zip file.

Step 12: Launch the DAW of your choice.

Step 13: Initialize the OSCar Plugin.

NOTE: If the DAW does not initialize the Oscar Plugin, confirm it is allowed within the plugin manager.

Step 14: Configure OSCar Settings:

  • Plugin ID # = SpaceMap Go Channel Number
  • Output IP = Spacemap Go OSCar External Device Connection IPv4 Address (default is, tap to edit), not the IP address of the iPad
  • Output Port = 38033
  • Input Port = 4000

Step 15: To verify the IPv4 connection, click the ping button in the OSCar plugin; the green circle should blink.

OSCar Plugin in DAW

Step 16: Add an automation lane for a channel in the DAW and select a specific Spacemap control point:

  • Channel Position X
  • Channel Position Y
  • Channel Crossfade
  • Channel Spread

Step 17: Add automation to the automation lane.

NOTE: An instance of the OSCar plugin can be added to any channel. Each instance of the OSCar plug-in controls one channel.

Playback of the automation should move the control point(s) of the Spacemap System and be displayed in Spacemap Go for the selected channel.

These control points are bidirectional, also allowing automation lane values to be written in the DAW by changing the controls of a channel in Spacemap Go.

NOTE: We have noticed that frequently, the first time some DAWs try to load OSCar, a re-scan of the plug-ins may be required. Each DAW behaves a little differently.

Logic Pro X – Plugin Manager, select Use and Reset & Rescan Selection

OSCar in Logic Example

SMG Bidirectional DAW Example

Spacemap Go – Bi-Directional Control Logic and Spacemap Go

OSCar in Reaper Example

After the OSCar plugin is installed following the Oscar User Manual instruction, open Reaper.

  1. Insert a New Track, from the Track option in the menus.
  2. On the channel, select the FX button to insert a plugin. A pop up window will appear; use the filter at the bottom to easily find the OSCar plugin. Select OSCar from the plugin list, and click OK. When the FX window is opened, the OSCar plugin is listed.
  3. If the plugin is not listed, select REAPER > PREFERENCES. In the left column, scroll to PLUG-INS > VST, and click the RE-SCAN button in the right panel.
  4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to add all desired channels.

To display the X Locator, Y Locator, Spacemap Crossfades and the Spread envelopes, click the ENVELOPE button on a channel and make selections to display the envelopes under the waveform of the audio track. Select the automation mode to write the values sent from Spacemap Go or the automation mode to read the envelope values and send them to Spacemap Go.

OSCar Plugin in Reaper

OSCar in Pro-Tools

In the OSCar folder, there is a video included for setting up Pro-tools.


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