Channel View

Channel View


The Channel View presents all of one channel’s controls and parameters. The Mix View presents common controls for many channels.

Spacemap Controls

When a Spacemap is selected, the Channel View splits. The left side displays the Spacemap. Tap the Spacemap name to open the Spacemap library.

Select POSITION below the Spacemap to move the Spacemap Panner.

The X and Y coordinates of the Spacemap Panner are presented at the bottom, tap to edit.

Spread: Routes the input signal to all the loudspeakers in the Spacemap, regardless of location. The percentage value determines at what level the other loudspeakers receive signal. At 0%, no signal is “spread.” As the Spread percentage is increased, the nodes without signal will start receiving signal proportionally. When 100% is selected, all Speaker Nodes will receive the same signal level.

When two Spacemaps are added, use the percentage slider to change the percentage of input signal sent to each Spacemap. The slider changes color depending on which Spacemap has the higher percentage, although both are routing audio unless the percentage is zero for one of them. There are significant advantages to using two Spacemaps; see details on the Spacemaps page.

Tap “No Spacemap” above this slider to add a second Spacemap.

Spacemap Go – Channel View, Only Spacemap Selected, No Trajectory

If a Spacemap and a Trajectory have been selected for a channel, both will be displayed on the left. Use the POSITION and TRAJECTORY buttons to switch between Spacemap Panner and Trajectory control.

Spacemap Go – Channel View Spacemap and Trajectory

Below is the Channel View with no Spacemap is selected. Tap a Matrix level at the top to edit the values.

Spacemap Go – Channel View, Matrix Levels

Channel View Controls

Select a Trajectory

Trajectories are automated motion paths for the Spacemap Panner. When a Spacemap is assigned, a CHOOSE TRAJECTORY button is available next to the Spacemap. Tap it to display the available Trajectories. Tap a Trajectory to add it to the Spacemap.

Spacemap Go- Trajectory Templates

Trajectory Controls

A Trajectory is a movement pattern.When a trajectory is selected, a yellow line on the Spacemap will display the movement path. Several additional parameter control tools are displayed on the right to modify the trajectory:

  • To automate a sound source movement on the selected trajectory, tap Play. To restart the movement tap Rewind. These controls are at the top. Next to them is the Trajectory Name and a Reset button. Tap the Trajectory Name to change the selected trajectory.
  • Tap the Loop button to continuously play the trajectory. The button is blue when engaged.
  • To change the sound source movement speed, change the Rate knob. The Rate knob values range from 0.1x to 10 for clockwise and counterclockwise movement.
  • The double-arrow icon changes the movement direction instantly. There are four predefined values for quick access: 0.5x, 1.0x, 1.5x and 2.0x.
  • The entire Trajectory can be rotated 360°. Adjust the position using the knob, or touch the plus and minus buttons to adjust in 1° increments. There are four predefined position values for quick access: 45°, 90°, 180° and 270°.
  • The trajectory size can be adjusted. Scale X and Y sliders independently change the scale of the horizontal and vertical axes. Engage the lock to maintain the aspect ratio and change the scale proportionally in both axes. If the Spacemap area is exceeded by the trajectory, the trajectory will change shape, respecting the boundary.
  • To move the trajectory without modifying the shape, use the X and Y offsets. If the Spacemap area is exceeded by the trajectory, the trajectory will change shape, respecting the boundary.
  • All changes are reflected on the plot under the trajectory name. The graphic consists of three horizontal axes; the middle represents the time of the trajectory. The other two depict the X (above) and Y (beneath) positions.
  • The yellow Reset button restores the controls to their defaults, including: Rate, Rotation, Scale and Offset. The individual controls can be set to their default: tap the value of the control, enter a value of 0 (zero).
  • On the left, below the Spacemap area, there are two buttons named Position and Trajectory. When the Position button is selected, the sound source can be moved, tap and drag the Spacemap Panner. When the Trajectory button is selected, position, size, offset and rotation can be modified using gestures. Pinch to zoom in/out, swipe to move the Trajectory and twist two fingers around to rotate it.

Channel View – Trajectory Parameters


Trajectory Movement

To change the channel, tap the arrows on either side of the name at the top, or tap the channel name, which opens a popover window listing all the channels. Tap the desired channel.

Tap-hold the channel name to edit.

Spacemap Go – Select a Channel

Tap CAPTURE SNAPSHOT to create a Channel Snapshot, which includes: Channel Name, Link, Spread, Mute, Level, Matrix levels, Spacemap, Spacemap Pan, Trajectory and Spacemap modifiers.

Recall Safe prevents overwriting of the channel settings when any type of Snapshot is recalled.

What’s Next?

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